About Us

Hi there! If you are here and you are wondering…

Who am I? A software developer by day, amateur blogger by night.
Why Catching Auroras? Oh well. Social media drains me and I needed a platform to put my love for photography, travelling, planning and web development into effect without having to worry about algorithms and trends.
My team: The photos, the website and the content are all clicked, created and written by me. I, however, have my husband helping me with photography and content writing as well.
5 fun facts about me:
1. I am from India, the land of rich culture and architectural wonders.
2. I have a very bad memory, and forget everything about my vacations soon after. Journaling about it pretty much saves me.
3. I prefer the company of animals (I die over doggos, cows and elephants) and fictional characters over actual humans.
4. Yes, I am an introvert.
5. I’m an avid fantasy and sci-fi reader and used to have quite an interesting “bookstagram” account before the social media life completely drained me and I quit.

Well, that’s about me. I’m also (mostly) active (I try to be) on Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest, so be sure to check us out there as well. 

Thanks for visiting and hope you stick around!

Catching Auroras travel blogger walking towards a cherry blossom tree in Kashmir