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Karnataka Travel Guide

Nestled in the southwestern region of India, Karnataka is a state that blends ancient history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural beauty. Karnataka offers a diverse array of experiences that captivate every traveler, from the hustle bustle of its capital, Bengaluru, which is the silicon city of India, to the serene landscapes of the Western Ghats, one can find a lot to things to do here.

There are plenty of historical sites any history buff would kill to visit – like Hampi and the many temples of the Hoysalas and if you are an adventurer, there are no shortages of treks around here.

When to Visit

Different parts of Karnataka see different temperature ranges and weather patterns depending on their proximity to the Western Ghats and the coast. The best time to visit Karnataka will depend largely on your itinerary and preference.

Summer: Summers are usually very hot and not a preferred time to visit Karnataka. 

Rainy Season: The weather is beautiful this time of the year and the land transforms into a lust green paradise. If you are a person who loves rains, this may be a good time to visit. However, travelling might be a bit of a challenge.

Winter: The weather is not too hot and is perfect for travel.

Indian Rupees

Having stayed in Karnataka most of my life and having visited many of the northern states of India, I feel much more safer here. But like any state in India, caution needs to be advised, especially for solo women travellers. Be sure to avoid night time travel and avoid deserted places.

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FAQs about Karnataka

  • What's the language spoken in Karnataka?

    Kannada is officially the main language of Karnataka. But you will find a lot of people speaking various other languages here since many people migrate here for work. Almost everyone (at least from the major cities) understand and speak Hindi and English as well.

  • How many days is it required to visit Karnataka?

    This really depends on what places you want to cover and what your areas of interests are. But one can squeeze in the main attractions in a week or 10 days.