About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! This introvert from India is finding it weird to talk about herself here but here it goes. I created Catching Auroras to channel my love for travel, photography, planning and web development into a tiny creative outlet I could call my own. I am an application developer by profession but I have always loved web development and creating this site has been one of my favourite pastimes these past few months.

 If you are wondering why I named it “Catching Auroras” – it’s a twist on the term “catching sunsets” but with something I’ve always dreamed of witnessing – auroras. I would like to think every one of my travels are like witnessing an Aurora – magical, whimsical and oh so memorable. So ya, Catching Auroras is my little catchphrase.

Apart from creating this site, I also click and own all the photos you see here. I love photography and editing (self learnt amateur user of Lightroom and Photoshop at your service) and lately upgraded to a Fujifilm XT30-II camera (with the standard kit lens and a 27mm pancake lens). I mostly travel with my husband, who clicks all the pics of me that you see over here. 

Fun fact – I love reading fantasy and sci-fi and used to have “bookstagram” account till I got tired of social media and its algorithms and left that life. That said, I am (mostly) active (I try to be) on Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest, so be sure to check CA out there as well.  

Well, that’s about me. Thanks for visiting and hope you stick around!