Chasing waterfalls was one of the highlights of our trip to Bali and I would highly recommend anyone to do that if you have enough time. Munduk is a great place to stay at if you want visit these less popular (but prettier) waterfalls since travelling to all of these places and making it back to Ubud in a day is very tiring.Bali has some of the most accessible and picturesque waterfalls I’ve come across and here are a few that I LOVED.

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Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall

Probably my favourite out of all the waterfalls in Bali. Being here truly felt like a dream. The water spray across your face, butterflies all around you and THIS VIEW? 

Banyu Wana Amertha has four waterfalls totally, in two locations 200m apart. The waterfalls are magical (I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves) and the pools are calm enough to swim in. If there is one place I would recommend you to absolutely visit, it would be this.

Entrance Fee: 40k IDR per person.

Red Coral Waterfall

Munduk waterfall is actually a set of four waterfalls – Red Coral, Labuhan Kebo, Melanting and Golden Valley Waterfalls.

You can do the waterfall trek and visit all four or if you are short on time like I was (let’s be honest. I was dead tired from hiking down waterfalls all day) you can choose one and visit it directly. Our receptionist at the hotel suggested Red Coral out of the four and PHEW! WAS IT MAJESTIC! We had this place to ourselves when we went there, and with a bunch of Swifts twirling all around, the experience was straight out of a fairytale. 

Entrance Fee: 40k IDR per person.

Leke Leke Waterfall

Situated 30km from Ubud, Leke Leke Waterfall is 1 hr from Ubud and roughly around the same distance from Munduk. This can easily be visited when you travelling between Ubud and Munduk.
The hike down to this waterfall is relatively easy, and the thin stream of waterfall slicing through in between all the greenery makes for any photographer’s dream. 

Tip: Be sure to click some photos from the two viewing platforms a ways up from the base for the green foreground elements.

Entrance fee: 50k IDR per person.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Being very close to Ubud, this place is fairly very popular and you can find quite a bit of crowd here. We went here early, around 8, and had very few people around. But if you want to catch the famous sun rays, you will need to get here between 9:30 am to 11:30 am. We were lucky enough to see some sun rays, and while I would have loved to stay and catch it in all its glory, we were happy to make our way back up before it got too crowded. 

Entrance Fee: 20k IDR per person.

Git Git Twin Waterfall

We wouldn’t have visited this waterfall if not for a kind local who rescued us when we were lost trying to reach the other Git Git waterfall. I felt this was a good alternative to Aling-Aling since you can jump into the pool here as well (though not from a great height like Aling-Aling) but for a lesser price and with fewer people around.
The pool under the twin waterfalls is perfect to take a dip in and you can use a rope to swing and jump into the pool, all Tarzan-like. 

Bonus waterfall: Hike down a little for 5 mins and you arrive at Air Mekalongan.

Entrance Fee: 20k IDR per person.

Things to remember before visiting the waterfalls of Bali:

  • Don’t trust Google Maps too much if you are driving around yourself.
  • Wear comfortable shoes since you will be walking up and down a lot of stairs.
  • Bring your swimwear and a towel since you can easily swim in most of them.
  • And most importantly, don’t litter and have fun.

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